2021 Update Post

Memorial Weekend for 2021 is being currently planned by National Fallen Firefighters Foundation leadership.  

A few key points that we know currently:
  • As you read through information please remember IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FAMILIES. PERIOD!
  • We do not know how many pipes and drums members will be allowed on campus yet. We will send information out as soon as possible.
  • Registration will open soon for pipes and drums and honor guard members. We will send an update once we are told it opens up. I highly recommend registering ASAP even before we know our final total so we can plan around the numbers we will have. 
  • ***VERY IMPORTANT*** ALL pipes and drums members (along with all Staff and HG involved) MUST be vaccinated to get on campus and be involved in the weekend. This is a FEMA and Command Staff requirement and there is no getting around it. Please do not reach out about getting around this requirement as it will not happen. If something changes we will forward out but it looks like it will not change.***
  • You know the rules and band leadership will ask you to not attend if they cannot be followed. I’m sorry, it is what it is. 
  • We are still planning on doing our meet and greet, rehearsal and some other off campus events for pipes and drums. More to come on that. 

More information will be sent out about registration and details as soon as they can be provided. Official statements and information can be found on their page at www.firehero.org


***Prior to any registering, make sure you go to the Tunes page on this website and ensure you are up on the required tunes before you plan a trip***

Any questions can be sent to the following:

Pipe Major Ivan Browning
Drum Major Brian Brendel