NFFFM Pipes and Drums Introduction

Welcome to the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums website.  This is where all pipes and drums information related to NFFF Memorial Weekend will be located. The page links with specific information are located on the left of the site, on top of the banner.  Please click on them to look around and get what you need. You can sign-up to receive updates via email by clicking on the SUBSCRIPTION button at the top of the page. Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the band officer contacts for questions you may have. Our mission is to honor our National Fire Service brothers and sisters who have died in the line of duty by providing their families, friends and co-workers with a proper sounding and competent fire service massed band during Memorial Weekend. We look forward to you attending Memorial Weekend with us to honor the fallen.

Memorial Weekend Update 4-9-2024

Good day Pipers and Drummer. Memorial Weekend is fast approaching and we wanted to send out a brief update. If you or your band members have not registered yet, you have until 4/19 to do so. Here is the link: We continue to be time compressed more than ever this year as we have a lot of fallen to honor and a large amount of families coming. More information will be sent out once registration closes but here are the band leaderships most important items. We honor the fallen with our ability to play the music properly and a well maintained instrument. Everyone should be proficient with the tune sets and settings while continuing to work on them. This event is not for anyone that is not up on their ability to play the designated tunes/sets, has corked drones or cannot play their instrument as it was designed, cannot march with a group and lastly cannot take direction from a supervisor. The band officers have the final say and we