Dress and Decorum


Below are the dress requirements for attending Memorial Weekend in Emmittsburg.
  • ·       Dress for the Memorial on Sunday is Class “A” Full Dress
  • ·       Dress for the Candlelight Vigil on Saturday evening is Class “B”.  Long sleeve with ties or short sleeve button-up uniform shirts, whatever your band wears as a Class “B” uniform and no feather bonnets.
  • ·       All members need to look presentable to the families as this is a memorial.  We are limiting “flair” items on uniforms.  Everyone should have no more than (1) Kilt pin and that should do it.  No additional pins that are not direct band-uniform issued.  This gives us a clean, dignified, UNIFORM look that we are after.
  • ·       If it looks like rainy weather, please have rain gear available.  We usually go to Mount St Mary's Knot Arena for heavy or extended rain events.