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This page of the website will be dedicated to information for all Bagpipe and Drum units participating in the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend held in Emmitsburg, MD each year.

Memorial Weekend for 2020 has been postponed by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation leadership.  An official statement and  information can be found on their page at www.firehero.org

****SPECIAL UPDATE 08/22/2020****

As reported in our last update, Pipes and Drums leadership has been working on a way for the band to honor our fallen during the weekend originally scheduled for Memorial Weekend. I am happy to report that we have received approval to play Sunday morning October 4th, outside at the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Basilica next door to the National Fire Academy. The TENATIVE playing time is between 0900-1000 where the band will circle up following whatever outside social distancing rules are in effect here in Maryland and play through all of our sets. Once done, we will need to depart from the site quickly so we do not impede the church services for the day.

This event will just be for pipes and drums. Nothing extravagant, no flair, just a group of brothers and sisters getting together to pay respects for our fallen. Band leadership is also working on other events for the weekend including the Friday evening get together, a full band practice location Saturday morning and a pipes and drums playing event Saturday evening. More to come on all of this as we continue to nail down logistics and see what pandemic rules are in place but we wanted to get everyone the information that we have now so you can plan appropriately.

So what do you need to do now if you want to come help honor our fallen?
  1. Make sure you are up on all of the tunes for Memorial Weekend. Just like the normal weekend, if you are not up on ALL of the normal Sunday morning tunes and a majority of the Candlelight Vigil tunes, we ask that you stand down, take the time to learn them and plan on coming in the future when you do have them. Remember, we honor the fallen by respecting our instruments and the music that they play.
  2. Email pipemajor@mcffpipesanddrums.org with the following information if you plan on attending
    1. Name
    2. Instrument
    3. Band
    4. Have you attended before
  3. If you are responding for your band please use one point of contact to send the information
  4. Figure out any lodging needs you may have. Lodging and travel are on your own. There are hotels in Gettysburg and the surrounding areas that have occupancy so reach out now and book them if you are coming.
  5. Stay tuned for more definitive information on times and locations.
We are excited that we have this opportunity to play for our fallen. We want to do it right like we aim for every year. Please reach out with any questions and be patient as we solidify the plan. As P/M Emeritus Cochran always said, "Semper Gumby."

Stay safe and we hope to see you in October.

P/M Ivan Browning

****SPECIAL UPDATE 08/03/2020****

Brother and Sister Pipes and Drums,

I am excited and happy to pass along that Pipe Band leadership has secured a location for pipes and drums members to circle up and play in Emmittsburg during Memorial Weekend. This will NOT be the National Fire Academy. This is a great way for pipes and drums to do what we do best, honor our fallen and we are graciously being allowed to do that.
We are working out a lot of the logistics around this but wanted to let everyone know so they can plan appropriately. Our goal is to circle up as a group on Sunday morning 10/4 or Saturday morning 10/3. We will be maintaining a close eye on current CDC recommendations and State/County guidelines as we get closer to the weekend but are pretty confident we will be able to meet everything and play as a group.
We are also looking at trying to get together, outside like we normally do on Friday night for our meet and greet. Again, all based on whats going on in the world but we are hopeful.
We will pass along more information as we get closer but if you would like to circle up and play, please email me at pipemajor@mcffpipesanddrums.org. Email, our website and our Facebook group will be the primary means of getting the information out. Hopefully you did not cancel your room reservations that weekend, but if you did I would imagine the local hotels have rooms available.
As always, stay safe, honor the fallen and there will be more info to come.
~Respectfully, P/M Browning


***Prior to registering, make sure you go to the Tunes page on this website 
and ensure you are up on the required tunes before you plan a trip***

Pipers and Drummers should go to the official National Fallen Firefighters 
Foundation website and click on the registration link.

Any questions can be sent to the following:

Pipe Major Ivan Browning
Drum Major Brian Brendel